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The Starter Technique

Last night I was on the couch trying to relax on a Sunday night, but thoughts of work I needed to get done kept intruding in my mental space.

I could put it off until Monday, but I knew that if I did that, my whole day would be thrown off and probably my whole week. It wasn’t hard work at all, but tedious and I just wasn’t in the mood.

Happens all the time doesn’t it?

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To Give Advice . . . or Not!

Giving advice is a tricky proposition.

Given for the right reasons under the right circumstances, advice is very beneficial and can help someone to solve a problem. Good advice is a tremendous aid to getting unstuck.

It allows us to gain knowledge we don’t have from someone who’s in the know. It can widen our view of a problem and lift us out of tunnel vision. It can broaden our perspective, and conversely help us narrow in on the real issues to address.

Advice can be wonderful!

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The Antidote to Being Defensive

Are you defensive?

So who among us hasn’t been defensive? Don’t fudge! We all have.

Certainly, there’s a time to defend ourselves, but for the most part, we engage in being defensive when it really doesn’t help our cause.

True defense is different from defensiveness. Being defensive implies that we really don’t feel secure in our own thoughts, actions, beliefs, or whatever the challenge may be.

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Catch “Em” Doing Good

There’s a quick way to improve or enhance a relationship.

Very simply, the idea is to catch your partner “doing good.”

Instead of focusing mostly on what you don’t like or what’s not going well, notice things your partner does that you like and verbalize it. In other words, show appreciation. Here’s how to do it.

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Clean Out Your Own Closet

If you watch your thoughts over a full day, which by the way I recommend highly, see if you can count the number of times your mind drifts automatically toward observing, evaluating, and/or criticizing someone else’s behavior.

If we’re really honest with ourselves, it happens many times everyday. Why? Because it’s the default habit of the ego to deflect away from itself and focus on someone else.

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Daily Gratitude

If you’ve ever read any success literature or listened to CD programs about how to be successful or how to reach your goals, then you’re very likely familiar with the current focus on “practicing gratitude.”

There are many ways to accomplish this including such things as keeping a gratitude journal, writing little notes of gratitude directly to people you want to thank for something, putting up reminders on the wall where you work or in your home that say something about gratitude, posting words of thanks on social media, and so on. There’s no one correct method.

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Always and Never

You probably know what I’m going to say from reading the title before I even begin. I say that because I think we’re all familiar with using the words “always” and “never” to describe something, and especially when we’re describing someone else’s behavior.

“You always leave your clothes on the floor in your room. You never admit that you’re wrong. NEVER! She always dresses impeccably. He never eats meat.”

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