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Have Trouble Sticking with Exercise?

I don’t know about you, but I find it near impossible to stick with a regular exercise routine no matter how hard I try. I’m in awe of those people that hit the gym every day or every other day without a miss. Kudos to you! You have my undying admiration!

The closest I’ve come to that is going three times a week for about a month, and then something intrudes, and that’s it. Done.

So I decided to try again, but this time I did something different and it worked! So I’m passing it along in case you have the same problem, and need new strategy.

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Walking Increases Creative Thinking

As if there aren’t enough good reasons to walk, Stanford University has come up with another one. A study co-authored by Marily Oppezzo, a Stanford doctoral graduate in educational psychology, and Daniel Schwartz, a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Education, has provided evidence that walking significantly increases creative thinking, or in more scientific terms “creative ideation.”

Who knew! Well, if you’ve had the experience already yourself, you knew. So did I! I get some of my best ideas when I take a walk. Now there’s real scientific evidence to support it.

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