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Who am I & why am I writing this blog?

I’ve always been inerested in psychological issues and questions. Even as a child, I wanted to know why I was here and what I should be doing.

As I got older, these questions led to educational pursuits in both the fields of psychology and spirituality, and eventually I went to graduate school to pursue a career in psychotherapy which I’ve been at now for a little over 40 years.

As part of that training, I had to participate in psychotherapy myself, which I did for three years. It was that experience that convinced me more than ever of its value.

I’m a firm believer that anyone who’s going to sit in the “therapist’s” chair should have also spent a great deal of time in the “client’s” chair.

Psychotherapy is a relationship, and both therapist and client learn and grow in the process.

My professional experiences have humbled me and taught me that everyone, regardless of where they are in their personal evolution, needs to be understood and valued.

Everything you’ve experienced has brought you to where you are now. Take what you’ve learned and use it to propel you forward and create the life you want.

What will you get out of this?

I’m a strategist at heart, so my blogs, courses, and offerings almost always provide ideas and steps to solving problems or seeing things from a different point of view.

Change happens when you take consistent small steps in a new direction, using new knowledge and strategies.

There’s four things I want to give you to help you in your personal evolution and growth:

  1. Insights into who you are and who you want to be
  2. How to pinpoint and identify the issues that are in your way
  3. Strategies to solve those issues and keep moving forward
  4. Methods to increase your happiness, peace and joy
  • Who’s it for?

    This blog is for the caretaker, the perfectionist, the person who doesn’t feel good enough even though they try their best to please and perform well, the overwhelmed, the anxious, the depressive, the partner, the growth seekers, and the person who wants real strategies to tackle emotional problems and behaviors.

    It’s for those who want to improve both their inner and outer lives.

  • What can you expect?

    Subscribers will get weekly blog shorts that offer quick ideas or strategies you can use right away. Blog Shorts are condensed writings with an idea you can use, or instructions for something you can do right now to work on an issue, boost your mood, or improve your daily experience.

    Subscribers will also receive longer articles, guides, or short eBooks occasionally that focus on select subjects in more depth.

  • What to do next?

    Subscribe and get articles, blog shorts, and updates on other offerings coming down the pike.

    Hint: There’s a new online course that will be launched soon that you won’t want to miss!