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Coming Soon.

I’ll be offering online courses starting mid-year in 2021. The first course is near completion, and is entitled How to Listen, Speak, and Be Heard.

Here’s a preview of what’s included:

  • The 2 goals of listening
  • The 5 layers of a message and how to decipher them
  • The 2 styles of communication
  • How to become and empathetic detective
  • How to deal with confusing messages
  • When to listen versus when to problem-solve

  • How to be clear and direct
  • How to avoid attacking or blaming
  • How to ask for what you want or need
  • How to figure out if there’s receptivity for what you have to say
  • How to know if your listener understands what you mean

  • How to move from a position of opposition to collaboration
  • How to diffuse anger using the Drill Down Method
  • How to evaluate the underlying needs that drive a conflict
  • How to work on one problem at a time
  • How to use time to resolve complex problems
  • How to avoid flare-ups by taking breaks
  • How and when to opt out of working on a conflict

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of successful communication
  • John Gottman’s 4 big No’s
  • The value of giving appreciation and how to do it
  • A quick guide to remember what works and what doesn’t

  • What happens during an emotional hijacking
  • How your brain processes emotions
  • The two ways you can handle an emotional hijacking
  • The types of activities that help you cool down
  • What you can do to prevent emotional hijackings